Rowan's Law

Concussion Awareness Rules

UpdatedWednesday January 1, 2020 byDavid Stegner.

The Rowan’s Law concussion awareness rules came into effect on July 1, 2019. After that date, sport organization must not register athletes under 26 years of age into a sport activity unless they, as well as their parent (for athletes under 18), provide confirmation that they have reviewed one of the Concussion Awareness Resources within the previous twelve months. 

Sport organizations must also not allow coaches, team trainers and officials to serve as a coach, team trainer or official for or in respect of the sport organization unless they provide confirmation that they have reviewed one of the Concussion Awareness Resources, every year.

South London Baseball requires all participants to confirm compliance with Rowan's Law at registration.  Please review the information carefully.  If you require additional information, please contact us at president @