Our Purpose and Principles

UpdatedTuesday November 20, 2018 bySouth London Baseball.

Organization Purpose

South London Baseball Association aims to promote, foster and govern the game of baseball among the youth of the South London community.


Organization Goal

To promote the positive development of youth and provide, to all individuals of the community, equal opportunities that are free of discrimination or prejudices for participation in a supportive team environment.


South London Baseball Principles

South London Baseball strives to create a welcoming and friendly environment for all ages and skill levels.To ensure our organization stays true to this we have certified ourselves as a True Sport organization through the True Sport Foundation. This means our organization is committed to the following principles for teams and communities:


Always strive for excellence and rise to the challenge, but never at the expense of others.
Discover how good you can be.


Play honestly and obey the rules, in letter and spirit.
Winning is only meaningful when competition is fair.


Show respect for everyone involved in creating a sporting experience,
both on the field and off.
Win with dignity and lose with grace.


Find the joy of sport and have a good time.
Keep a positive attitude and look to make a positive difference,
on the field and in your community.


Place physical and mental health above all other considerations and avoid unsafe activities.
Respect your body and keep in shape.


Share sport with others, regardless of creed, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or ability.
Invite everyone into sport to make it more meaningful for the whole community.


Always remember the community that supports your sport and helps make it possible.
Find ways to show your appreciation and help others get the most out of sport.

As an example of True Sport and what true True Sport athletes look like, we have embedded the following video clip from West Oregon. As an organization, if we can strive to have all of our participants act like the participants in this video, we as an organization will have succeeded in educating and upholding the true meaning of sport.